NTOA Electronic Library - Training
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A quick range competition course for handguns or long guns. Makes shooter use cover, moving and shooting, reloading, etc.
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(size: 1278.5 KB last modified: 09-15-2012 )
Anti-piracy defence by po2 KAZILAS Charalampos of Greek Coast Guard/Special mission unit
Sniper Course0001.pdf.pdf
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SRT Basic Sniper/Observer Course
Vertical Emer Mgmt Program for Colleges and Universities 2-11.pdf
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The “Vertical Emergency Management Approach” to Emergency Planning and Management for College and University Campuses
soic dates.doc
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S.O.I.C Colorado
Basic Shield.ppt
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Basic Ballistic Shield Techniques
Kalashnikov Arms for Law Enforcement.ppt
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Kalashnikov Arms Recognition and Safety for Law Enforcement
Objectives: The Officer will be exposed to the history, nomenclature, method of operation, ballistics, and legal issues and will be able to identify various Kalashnikov Arms as it relates to law enforcement encounters while on patrol.
The Officer will know and demonstrate the safe handling of various Kalashnikov weapons, through both practical and live fire demonstration as it relates to active shooter and terrorist critical incidents.

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north metro swat georgia : shooting drill
OPSACTP 812 NAS Hot Sheet.pdf
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The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Operations Security for Public Safety Agencies
Counterterrorism Training Program (OPSACTP)
September, 10 to 12, 2008
NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida
OPSACTP NAS Hot Sheet.pdf
(size: 143.3 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Operations Security for Public Safety Agencies
Counterterrorism Training Program (OPSACTP)
September, 09 to 11, 2008
NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida
OPSACTP TN Hot Sheet.pdf
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The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Operations Security for Public Safety Agencies
Counterterrorism Training Program (OPSACTP)
August, 26 to 28, 2008
Chattanooga Police Department, Chattanooga TN
Hostage Survival in the Jail.pps
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Hostage Survival in a Jail LASD PPT
Patrol Instructor Manual Florida.pdf
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Florida Patrol Instructor Manual
Traffic Stop Instructor Manual Florida.pdf
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Traffic Stop Instructor Manual
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Marcus Young Incapacitation shootout
CQB Program.pdf
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Final draft SOF CQB Course, some figures missing, but one of the best courses I have seen to date
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SRT Basic Course Miami PD
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Deputy Powell's LASD Music PPT
Reduced Light Combat Instructor Lesson Plan.doc
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Reduced Light Combat Instructor/LP
Reduced Light Combat Instructor.ppt
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reduced light Combat Instructor.
Reduced Light Combat Instructor.doc
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Reduced Light Combat Instructor
Airsoft M4 Review.doc
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Review of a Full-Metal Airsoft M4, comparison to a Simunition M4, and applications to supplement Simunition Training.
K9 First Aid - POST outline.pdf
(size: 2160.1 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
This is an outline from our Vet.
Kevin Rofidal - Edina PD, MN
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Hostage Rescue Tactics and Training MCPA 61107.pdf
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Hostage Rescue
Rap Air Course 52107.pdf
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RAP Air Force on Force Instructor
Basic SWAT042307.pdf
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SWAT Course
Tactical Firearms Instructor05707.pdf
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Tactical Firearms Instructor
M-4 Cycle of Ops.ppt
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M-4 Cycle of Operations/IA Drill
SOTAC Anouncement.doc
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New Training Company
movement - Stairwells.ppt
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Stairwell clearing powerpoint that was made for our in-house tactical basic training. To keep in perspective-we are a Corrections team that does not have the access to helicopters, video poles, or other $$ items that higher budget teams may have.
SWAT Manual Calif. POST.pdf
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Crowd Control Manual Calif[1]. POST 2003.pdf
(size: 628.4 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
(size: 49.2 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
(size: 49.2 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
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Tactical Tracking Power Point. THis PP is used during our 3 day Tactical Tracking Class
guide to terrorism.pdf
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TRADOC DCSINT handbook#1 Military Guide to Terrorism in the 21st century. Snooky Cruz c/o sar-hq.com
MI5 protecting against terrorism.pdf
(size: 900.9 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
MI5 Security Service Protecting Aganst Terrorism manual.
I thought I'd share this informative pdf manual. Snooky Cruz c/o www.sar-hq.com
IacspHresExtract GO BAG May2006 (U).pdf
(size: 494.8 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
GO BAG LIST: contains listing of equipment and packaging for a go bag. i have been tweaking this list over the past 20 years and made this part of a manual recently published. I had used a version of this as a handout at both TREXPO and IACSP conferences and want to pass it to NTOA members. A fellow member suggested that this might be useful for those going to disaster recovery (ie: Hurricane Katrina). submitted by John Peterson NTOA member / IACSP Advisory board
(size: 450.5 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
OPEN SOURCE INTELLIGENCE (OSINT) resources list that I composed for another association that I am in. This document contains information and links for a variety of open source as well as restricted and for-fee information sources. This type of information is particularly important for antiterrorism/homeland security specialists, in addition to the more restricted intel products from FBI, US Attorney's Offices, and DHS. submitted by John Peterson NTOA member / IACSP Advisory board
CQB Challenge.doc
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"CQB Challenge" used as a team building excercise takes about an hour per 4 man team.
K9 Patrol Officer Training.doc
(size: 42.5 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
This is the POST outline for the patrol fam. of K9 operations. Make changes to suit your needs.
K9 Operations for Patrol.ppt
(size: 1948.2 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
This is part of a lesson plan for all officers on K9 operations. Some of the narcotics info is specific to MN, but change it to meet your needs.
Kevin Rofidal - Edina PD, MN
Terrorist Groups & Emblems.pdf
(size: 547.1 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Terrorist Groups and Emblems
(size: 24.9 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Arabic Name Analysis
Muslim Name Meanings.pdf
(size: 31.4 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Muslim Name Meanings
training log.xls
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add sheets and then change names for as maney officers as you need.
ECGIA Gang Poster 11x17.pdf
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SHB General Orientation Short Version 2005.ppt
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NEW - The Technical Support Working Group through the National Terrorism Preparedness Institute has published a Training Support Package entitled "Preparation for the Suicide/Homicide Bomber" designed to present law enforcement and military personnel in the States with definitive tools to understand the global application of this threat, recognize characteristics of the tactic, interdict the shahid pre-detonation and deal with a post blast scene incorporating ICS. The two day training program is delivered as a self contained package for experienced instructors to get spun up on the topic and present the program as necessary. My contact information is on the attached orientation ppt for anyone with questions. Also, this is an ODP approved course for grant funds expenditure. Stay Safe.

J. Trindal 202.690.9632-ofc
OMC GANG Colors 2.pdf
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Out law Motorcycle Gang Colors 2
OLM Gang Colors.pdf
(size: 4028.0 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Out Law Motorcylce Gang Colors
OMG Violence Timeiline[1].pdf
(size: 678.5 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Nationwide Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Timeline (2005)
Khat Awareness.ppt
(size: 1019.4 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Khat PowerPoint
(size: 601.1 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
High Risk MV Stops--Power Point
Dismounted Patrol & Containment.ppt
(size: 2893.3 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Fugative Mantracking, linear ambush and containment basics course used for training. Still adding to this document........use as you like...
Critical Incident Recon.ppt
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Brief Power Point on intial recon of a crisis point
Seminar Success by John M. Peterson III.pdf
(size: 642.2 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
"Seminar Success" by John M. Peterson III. Tips for creating presentations, slideshows and handouts for conferences and other classroom training to outside groups.
TRU Level I - Marine Operations - Pool Practical.doc
(size: 50.2 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Float testing / pool drills
TRU Level 1 - Marine Operations Modified.ppt
(size: 909.8 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Basic ppt. Considerations for Marine OPs
(size: 1446.9 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
FYI-New airless tires pics. Stop sticks-ineffective
(size: 940.5 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Identity Theft PPT -Public awareness training -
(size: 348.7 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Combat Mindset Courtesy of Paul Howe CSAT
Sam Todd Metro SWAT
(size: 257.9 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
This is a copy of our state proposed Basic SWAT lesson plan.
NMC controller training classroom Version.ppt
(size: 4467.7 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Controller/Evaluator Training slides we use for our nuclear power plant, force-on-force drills. LLEA-SWAT often (or at least should) particiate in nuclear plant FOF drills, so these slides are FYI.
Advanced Terrorism Recognition.ppt
(size: 19313.7 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Advanced Terrorism Recognition - takes a look at critical awareness issues, identifying terrorists, types of training and strategies, group organization, surveillance techniques, and operations and tactics.
(size: 1494.5 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
This is our HRT Power point. It was compiled with information from numerous sources including the NTOA HRT presentation. Hope this helps out. If there are any questions...contact me at jbean@tylertexas.com
Dignitary Protection 101.ppt
(size: 241.2 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
This is a powerpoint I put together for a basic training class on dignitary protection. The materials used are from an IACP course I took on Exec/Dig Protection. Feel Free to chop it as you see fit.
Reactionary Live Fire Target 1.doc
(size: 35.3 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
This is the text and diagram all on one page. This will replace my two previous submissions. Sorry for teh inconvenience.
Anti-Terrorism for Law Enforcement.ppt
(size: 6274.6 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Anti-Terrorism for Law Enforcement
(size: 11575.6 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Flashbang Video: Video of a LSDD being struck by a round while carried on a tactical vest. Uploaded by Capt. Brent Barlow DACSO SRT
(size: 6807.4 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Flashbang Video - Vido of a officer who forgot to repin a flashbang before putting it in his cargo pocket. Uploaded by Capt. Brent Barlow, DACSO SRT
(size: 27.6 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
This is a cheap, mobile target stand to support barricade shooting/multiple targets, targets in-depoth, etc. CRUDE drawing, my apologies.
colt application.pdf
(size: 37.3 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Course information and application for Colt Armoer course, February 10-12, 2004 in Falls Church, VA.
(size: 582.7 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
National Law Enforcement Memorial Facts - Nice filler Powerpoint Presentation if you need to kill 10 minutes. Presents interesting facts about Law Enforcement. Runs on its own through MS Powerpoint. Version with bagpipe music available upon request.
(size: 7896.6 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
This file is about the use and maintenance of an Ar-15
(size: 497.2 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Breaching 101 PowerPoint. Feel free to make any changes, comments or suggestions. Be safe! Clay drugdog@frontiernet.net
Basic Mechanical Breaching.pdf
(size: 3364.7 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
I tried to find some information on basic breaching. I could not locate anything. The topic was only generally covered in all of the swat schools I’ve attended. This is the result of my research in the subject. It is a basic Mechanical Breaching Lesson Plan. I added illustrations such as they are. If you find anything technically incorrect please let me know. Comments are welcome. jparker@tznet.com or jeff.parker@co.clark.wi.us.
(size: 200.2 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Night Vision training outline. This has been MN POST approved. Modify it to work for you. Kevin Rofidal - Edina PD, MN
(size: 10948.6 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Night Vision training Powerpoint. Kevin Rofidal - Edina PD, MN
HRT Basic Pistol Course.doc
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Range Killhouse Schematic.ppt
(size: 86.5 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Nuclear security officer live-fire & paintball "Kill House" constructed on the range. All wall corner sections are easily dis/assembled, ply-wood modular sections. Plastic walls are suspended by cable. Click on "Slide Show" for animation.
Entry & Movement.pdf
(size: 226.3 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Basic SWAT tactics, instructor lesson plan for Hallway Clearing and Room Entry.
Feel free to modify this plan to suit your needs.
two man drill.doc
(size: 21.5 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Ballistic Shield Course of Fire utilizing two team members.
shield advanced.doc
(size: 48.1 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Adavanced Ballistic Shield Course.
Basic Shield.doc
(size: 38.4 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Basic Ballistic Shield Course.
(size: 256.5 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
Tactical team physical. If you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting me.
Web site - http://ca.geocities.com/tacwarrior/index.htm
Email - haltontru@cogeco.ca
Diversionary Devices.ppt
(size: 628.7 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
This is a powerpoint presentation I made. I am looking for feedback to make it better. You will need Powerpoint XP/2002 to see all the animation. I have a viewer for 2002 if you need it, just email me. Please email me with suggestions and I'll add them.

(To view PowerPoint files you must right click and use 'Save Target As', then open from your computer)
tactical entry & high risk warrant service.wps
(size: 11.8 KB last modified: 01-15-2010 )
This is an instructor's guideline for a High Risk Warrant and Tactical Entry class. Feel free to modify the lesson plan for the needs of your audience. This lesson plan is targeted for the begginer operator and is designed to be used with visual aids/demonstration.