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Winter 2010

In this Issue:

  • Action - Reaction - Counteraction by Randy Watt (p. 46)
  • Book Review: Blood Lessons: What Cops Learn from Life-or-Death Encounters by Charles Remsberg by Barbara Schwartz (p. 92)
  • Civil Court - Prepare your SWAT Team for the Inevitable by Dan Rose & Charles J. Key (p. 30)
  • Communicating with the Non-Responder by Bob Ragsdale (p. 106)
  • Driving to Distraction [ Read Now!] by Alexis Artwohl (p. 60)
  • Explosive Breaching on a School Bus - Is it an Option? by Michael Mcguire (p. 82)
  • Hit the Hills for Fighting Fitness by George Ryan (p. 42)
  • Know Thine Enemy: Al Qaeda Unconventional Warfare Elements and Potential - Part Two by Matt Begert & Robert Bunker (p. 20)
  • Learn, Watch and Create - Tactical Athlete Training [ Read Now!] by Tyler Christiansen (p. 78)
  • Learning from Tragedy: Preventing Officer Deaths with Medical Interventions [ Read Now!] by Matthew Sztajnkrycer M. D. (p. 54)
  • Less-Lethal Updates: Sage Control Ordnance by Don Whitson (p. 86)
  • Message from NTOA Chairman of Board on SWAT Standards and Dynamic Entry Tactics by Phil Hansen (p. 10)
  • OpFor Gaming by Sid Heal (p. 50)
  • Phoenix Joint Terrorism Liaison Officer Program by Brian Issitt (p. 38)
  • Pre-Mission Planning by Bob Brooks (p. 26)
  • Principles for Tactical Operators and Instructors [ Read Now!] by Matthew McNamara (p. 100)
  • Ruger's Black Rifle [ Read Now!] by Robert Parker (p. 64)
  • Sharing Too Much - When Will We Learn by Pete Wechsler (p. 112)
  • State Association Highlights: Florida SWAT Association by David Arnott (p. 98)
  • SWAT Training for the Aftermath of an Active Shooter Response by Jeffrey Hembera (p. 70)
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