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Spring 2010

In this Issue:

  • A Call to Firearms Instructors: Are We Really Preparing Officers to Win Gunfights by Mark Schraer (p. 32)
  • About John Kolman: A Good and Great Man by Ron McCarthy (p. 8)
  • Commentary: Some Thoughts on Dynamic Entry/Clearing Techniques by Ken Hubbs (p. 106)
  • Five-Dimensional Battlespace [ Read Now!] by Sid Heal (p. 60)
  • Fostering Stress Resistance [ Read Now!] by Alexis Artwohl (p. 66)
  • Get a Grip by Jeff Martone (p. 90)
  • Law Enforcement's Role in Combating Terrorism by William Ikner (p. 28)
  • Less-Lethal Updates: Lightfield Less Lethal Research by Don Whitson (p. 48)
  • Obstacle Course Training for Tactical Officers by Brian L. Springer & Travis D. Snyder (p. 94)
  • On Leadership: Followership Does Not Mean Blind Obedience [ Read Now!] by Randy Watt (p. 46)
  • Push or Hold: A Few Thoughts on Dynamic Entries by Paul Howe (p. 18)
  • Regina Police Service SWAT by Casey Ward (p. 14)
  • Single Officer Response to Active Shooters by Jon Osborn (p. 38)
  • Situational Awareness and Tactical MESH Networks by Mark Pergola (p. 74)
  • State Association Highlights: Ohio Tactical Officers Association by Sam Todd (p. 103)
  • The Kenneth Wilson Manhunt by Matt Alexander (p. 80)
  • The Lifesaving Potential of Specialized On-Scene Medical Support for Urban Tactical Operations: A Case Report by Metzger, Eastman, Benitez & Pepe (p. 52)
  • Troy Industries M4 Enhancements: Tough Stuff and Made in the USA by Robert Parker (p. 70)
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