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Winter 2014

In this Issue:

  • 13th Annual Crisis Negotiations Conference [ Read Now!] by Jan Dubina (p. 44)
  • Advanced Active Shooter Training at the New York State Preparedness Center [ Read Now!] by Andy Esposito (p. 84)
  • American Sniper Association Makes Important Ammunition Recommendation [ Read Now!] by Ed Allen (p. 108)
  • Book Review - "Stalling for Time: My Life as an FBI Hostage Negotiator," by Gary Noesner [ Read Now!] by Sid Heal (p. 38)
  • Command Responsibility and Accountability [ Read Now!] by William D. Young (p. 68)
  • Crisis Decision Making by Sid Heal (p. 76)
  • Crisis Negotiations: A Case Study - "Tell Aunt Nini Goodbye" by Thomas Strentz, Ph.D. (p. 50)
  • Crosshairs: Indiana State Police SWAT by Corey Culler (p. 10)
  • Long Rifle Team Leadership by Keith Graves (p. 72)
  • Low-Ready Position - Preventing the Reactive Shot from Becoming the Wrong Shot by Bret Pagnucco (p. 62)
  • Merging SWAT and K9 for Wooded Terrain Operations by Chris Wagner (p. 22)
  • NTOA SWAT Standard User's Manual - Part 1 [ Read Now!] by Ed Allen (p. 16)
  • Philosophical and Tactical Transition by Eric Gandy (p. 98)
  • SWAT Operations and Fire: What Really Happened? by Ed Nordskog (p. 28)
  • The Evolution of Tactics and Medical Support for Active Shooter Events by Frank K. Butler, MD and Richard Carmona, MD (p. 80)
  • The K9 Building Search: A Comprehensive Look at Detecting Concealed Explosives by Paul Hammond (p. 40)
  • The Ready Stance: The #1 Street Readiness Technique [ Read Now!] by George Ryan (p. 58)
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