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Spring 2014

In this Issue:

  • Crosshairs: Paulding County (GA) SO SWAT Team by Chad Hunton (p. 82)
  • Crosshairs: Pocatello (ID) PD SWAT Team by Nick Edwards (p. 88)
  • Developing a Technical Support Team for SWAT by Mark Pergola (p. 26)
  • Director's Message: Taking the Challenge - Hosting an NTOA Conference [ Read Now!] by Luke Sherman (p. 4)
  • Dogs and Tactical Response: A Guide for Safe, Successful and Humane Encounters by Krista Kurvers and Gary P. Maddox (p. 90)
  • Genetic Determinants in Personality [ Read Now!] by Alexis Artwohl, Ph.D. (p. 36)
  • In Search of a Better Bullet by Robert Parker (p. 40)
  • Maximizing Training [ Read Now!] by Kevan J. Dugan (p. 16)
  • NTOA SWAT Standard User's Manual - Part 2 by Ed Allen (p. 12)
  • Preventing the Disease of Expertise by Michael Asken and William Young (p. 48)
  • Sensemaking by Sid Heal (p. 56)
  • Tactical Medicine and the Fugitive Task Force by Gavin K. Duffy, Jason Harmsen and Nelson Tang, M.D. (p. 60)
  • TEMS and EOD Integration Sets the Tone for Training by Greg Chmara, James Craig, Jeff Craven, D.J. Green, John Morris and Christopher Rogers (p. 30)
  • The Pull-Up: An Overlooked but Important Exercise for the Tactical Officer [ Read Now!] by Cyndi Williams (p. 52)
  • Verifying Military Service in Crisis Situations by Pat Doering (p. 44)
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