Advanced Crisis Negotiations (3 days) Print E-mail

Designed for individuals who have already taken a basic negotiations course and/or understand the basic concepts of a hostage/barricade incident.Topics to be covered include Communicating With The Non-Responder, Tactical Role of the Negotiator and using the Tactical Action Guide, Incident Debriefs and Assessment Exercises, Response Exercises, and Scenario Development. Students will be asked to write their own scenarios as part of the Scenario Development. The student will learn about negotiation strategies from actual incident debriefs, participate in classroom and practical exercises (scenarios).

911 Dispatcher Crisis Communications (1 day) Print E-mail

This course is designed for police communications personnel who may be called upon to deal with a suicidal or mentally ill subject over the telephone. Topics to be covered include dealing with a barricaded suspect, active listening skills, communications techniques, and intervention techniques for crisis / suicide situations.

Negotiations for First Responders (1 day) Print E-mail

This course is designed for patrol officers who are first responders to critical incidents. Topics to be covered include first responder concepts and responsibilities, types of critical incidents, communications techniques, surrender and transition techniques and negotiator stress.

Basic Crisis Negotiations (5 days) Print E-mail

This course is designed for individuals recently assigned to Crisis Negotiations Teams. Topics to be covered include a historical and contemporary perspective of CNT, team structure and management, the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) Concept, types of crisis situations, hostage-taker profiles, tactical force options, negotiations processes, communication techniques, and negotiator stress.


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