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Our comprehensive resource library is your source for current information on SWAT, patrol, crisis negotiations and much more. Information packets, incident reviews, SOPs and legal case studies are available exclusively to our members.

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NTOA Publications Article Index

Search for articles by subject area in our library of published articles on this Web site from The Tactical Edge (1983 to present) and the Crisis Negotiator (2001 to Winter 2012 issue)  (See menu on left.)

You may view archived issues of both publications on this website by clicking on the links above.

NTOA SWAT Standard

The NTOA SWAT Standard was created to enhance the safety, performance and professionalism of SWAT teams. It is based on research, sound tactical doctrine and on literally thousands of years of collective SWAT experience. Download SWAT Standard document.

Reprint Request Form

Fill out this online form to request a reprint from one of our publications.

Explosive Breachers' Handbook

The Explosive Breaching Characterization Handbook is available through the NTOA Resource Library to select members.

Certain restrictions apply:

  • Must be an NTOA individual member.
  • Must be sworn law enforcement.
  • Must provide copy of LE credentials and current breacher status verification on agency letterhead.
  • Must provide copy of certificate of graduation or completion of one of the following schools: REST, TEES, Olive Security, NSA, Forced Entry Tactical Training, Los Angeles County SD SEB Breaching Course, North Vector or a military certificate of training.

For more information or to order handbook, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Interactive Software

Excellent computer training tools incorporating interactive features to enhance the learning experience.

  • Cobb County, GA PD Animated Review (1999) by Ron McCarthy
  • The Incident Interactive Training Aid for Crisis Negotiators,(2002) FBI Crisis Negotiations Unit

Incident Reviews

Available to members only the formal NTOA reviews of well-known incidents offering detailed analysis and recommendations.

  • The BATF Ops Against the Branch Davidians, (1993) by John Kolman
  • The William Paul Drive Incident, Cobb County (GA) PD (1999) by Ron McCarthy
  • WTO Seattle, Washington Conference Disruptions, (2000) by Ron McCarthy

Information Packets

The Resource Library offers invaluable topic-specific resources for the law enforcement professional, available in convenient and affordable CD format. Most contain a variety of materials such as articles, studies, SOPs, government reports and other support documents.

  • Incident Summaries
  • Model Policies
  • Multi-Jurisdictional SWAT
  • Operational Analysis
  • SWAT Justification and Formation

Books and Manuals

The following titles have been selected as important resources for the tactical library. All are available for purchase through the Resource Library.

  • A Guide to the Development of SWAT, (1982) John Kolman
  • Counter-Sniper Rifle Data Book (2005) T. Gregory Hall
  • Diversionary Devices Reference Manual, (2001) Charles "Sid" Heal
  • Emotional Intel - Mental Toughness Skills for Optimal Response in High Stress Crisis Negotiations (2006) Michael J. Asken, Ph.D.
  • Patrol Response to Contemporary Problems, (2006) edited by John Kolman
  • Police Sniper Science Manual, (2001) Klint Anderson
  • Red Teams and Counterterrorism Training (2011) Stephen Sloan and Robert J. Bunker
  • Sound Doctrine: A Tactical Primer, (2000) Charles "Sid" Heal
  • The Management of Police Specialized Tactical Units, 2nd Edition (2008) Mijares and McCarthy
  • The Patrol Rifle Carbine Manual, (2003) Peterson, Tkac and Felts
  • The Trials and Tribulations of Becoming a SWAT Commander, (2004) John Kolman

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