SWAT Management

SWAT Team Leader Development (5 days) Print E-mail

This five-day training is designed for law enforcement personnel responsible for deploying as a SWAT team leader, or as a supervisor who is responsible for the training and deployment of tactical teams. The focus is on pre-incident training, planning, organizing and the tactical decision-making process used in the resolution of high-risk operations.

Also included in the curriculum is an overview of SWAT training topics including selection and testing, training issues and liability, national SWAT Standards and critical incident reviews. Practical applications will consist of scouting and planning warrants, small team planning, tactics used in the resolution of critical incidents and reviewing tactical incidents and videos.

Attendees and team leaders will participate in group discussions, write operations orders and develop training plans. They will also critique and evaluate tactics and decisions based on a principal-based SWAT decision-making process.


SWAT Command Decision-Making and Leadership (5 days) Print E-mail

This course is designed to expose police SWAT Team commanders and supervisors to contemporary SWAT issues, tactics and procedures.  Topics include major incident debriefs; leadership issues; justifying SWAT; the use of SWAT teams; SWAT standards and professionalism; contemporary SWAT issues and concerns; SWAT and the media; selection, training, discipline and removal of supervisors and team members; crisis negotiations teams; tactical operation centers; operations planning; weapons and equipment selection; legal issues overview; critical incident management; barricade and hostage procedures; warrant service planning and procedures; and response to active shooter situations.

Incident and Tactical Command Post Operations (1 day) Print E-mail

Incident commanders, tactical commanders and team members, crisis negotiation team (CNT) supervisors, CNT members and patrol supervisors are encouraged to attend this seminar, which will detail how to set up a command post when responding to a critical incident. Topics to be covered include incident and tactical command of a critical incident, the tactical operations center (TOC) concept, information collection and dissemination methods and the latest computer technology and software to manage a major violent critical incident.

Training Management and Risk Mitigation for SWAT (2 days) Print E-mail
A two-day course designed to provide SWAT Team leaders and trainers with the ability to design, plan and prepare proactive training guidelines, manuals, events, calendars and support documents in order to best utilize limited training time and opportunities in order to produce the highest quality personnel and team capability; and to provide SWAT team leaders and trainers with proven risk mitigation methodologies to counter risk within the three main risk areas for SWAT Teams, i.e. legal, training and operations.

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