Tactical Firearms

Carbine Instructor Certification (5 days) Print E-mail

This course is designed for law enforcement instructors who have the responsibility of teaching patrol officers the proper deployment of the patrol rifle. At the conclusion of this course the student will have a thorough understanding of instructor development and safety issues; rifle nomenclature and operation; basic and advanced marksmanship skills, including shooting on the move; various barricade positions; and low light shooting. This course also covers contemporary deployment issues such as response to active shooters and counterambush techniques.

Sniper Instructor Certification II (5 days) Print E-mail

Utilizing the skills and techniques learned in the previous course, students will be expected to perform to their highest levels of ability. All advanced sniper skills taught in the Instructor Certification I course will be covered in more depth, with emphasis on stalking and stress shooting. Students will have three opportunities to pass qualification courses and each individual is required to self-remediate as necessary in order to pass. The teaching of a component will also be required.

Basic Sniper (5 days) Print E-mail

This course is designed to expose tactical personnel to the proper deployment and techniques for a sniper position. Topics to be covered include weapons selection and maintenance, rapid deployment issues, use-of-force issues and coordinated fire techniques. This course of instruction will stress the fundamentals of marksmanship and precision shooting. Practical range training will include shooting at moving targets, range estimation and various courses of fire.

Intermediate/Advanced Sniper (5 days) Print E-mail

Police and/or SWAT sniper personnel who possess a working knowledge of their equipment (rifle/optics) and the ability to apply basic fundamentals with assigned department equipment are encouraged to advance their skills in this course. Prior successful completion of a basic sniper course is recommended. From cold bore considerations of a basic sniper deployment and coordinated fire, this course employs a realistic training regimen that trains and test participants to their potential. The course will begin with a practical application of the basic marksmanship skills. Students must successfully complete a 20-round qualification course.

Select Fire (5 days) Print E-mail
This end user portion of this course is designed to enhance knowledge and employment options of the select fire weapon by tactical or narcotics team personnel. The instructor certification portion details methods of classroom and range instruction for teaching theory and operation. Each student will be required to demonstrate marksmanship and instructional proficiency with the weapon prior to certification.
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